I HATE KPOP (and their slimy fans) | YouTube Comment Theater

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A dramatic re-enactment of actual YouTube comments. LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Comments taken from the YouTube video: “I HATE KPOP (and their slimy fans)”

Created by:
Eytan Millstone
Jay Wells L'Ecuyer
Dan Bricker
Tim Dorsch

Original Music by Caitlin Cook
“K Pop Sorceress” by Harpo Marks (Standard License)
“I Don't Want To Do This Without You” by Late Night Feeler

Director: Dan Bricker
Cinematographer: Anna O’Carroll
Sound Mixer: Wesley Grant
1st AC: Elizabeth R. Mealey
Editors: Eytan Millstone & Jay Wells L’Ecuyer
Opening Animation: Desiree Lavoy-Dorsch
Graphic Designer: Sarah Millstone

Jay Wells L’Ecuyer
Eytan Millstone

Written by: Diabolic Disintegrator, A .a, J Mini, GregHeffley(yes). Eytan Millstone video.

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