Family Guy- Young Parent Trap

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While attending an open house at Stewie's daycare, Peter and Lois are mistaken for millennial, first-time parents. They're persuaded to move into a trendy apartment complex and bring Stewie with them, figuring the experience would make them feel alive again. Meg and Chris are barely able to survive at home by themselves. Upon figuring out what their parents are up to thanks to a contact in Chris's chlorine sale side business, they disguise themselves as a millennial couple and attempt to expose their lies. The ploy eventually succeeds when the group heads to Quachella (Quahog's version of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival). Lois and Peter out themselves after the walk from the parking lot to the festival wears them out. Despite this, they're relived that they can be themselves again, and learn to accept that they're not young anymore. Chris later finds that Neil Goldman has squeezed him out of the catamaran side business by selling a catamaran to Cleveland and goes on to speak at a nurses' convention as an uninvited motivational speaker.
night fall video.

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