CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES l A DRAMATIC Reading by YouTube Comment Theater

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The El Dorado fire in California started on September 5, 2020. In dreadful 2020, not only are we dealing with sickness, now we're dealing with flames. California fires are persistent. We posted our first video about the the wildfires one month after they began and now this is our part two, in the form of a Dramatic Reading. During the time this video is being posted, the fire continues to incinerate everything in its path.

But.. the origin of these things, as you'll learn, tend to be questioned. Is it really possible that we didn't evolve and is planet earth nothing more than man's mismanagement of god's gift to man?

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Created by:
Eytan Millstone
Jay Wells L'Ecuyer
Dan Bricker
Tim Dorsch

Director: Dan Bricker
Cinematographer: James Schlittenhart
Sound Mixer: Wesley Grant
Editor: Eytan Millstone

Eytan Millstone
Anne Windsland
Abbie Richards

Written by: Recording Angel Productions Limited, Y2 Krashman, Agustin Reyes,, Alex Zabala, I am who You say I am, OI IO.

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