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The 2020 United States presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump were interesting and entertaining to say the least. Things got so heated that the debate commission decided that they will now MUTE candidates during their opponent's initial responses to prevent interruptions. That is how much "self-control" these presidential candidates possess but how does one not get upset when it comes to politics? Unless you're a monk, it's not that easy.

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Politics in America have very easily made us the laughing stock of the world and while that might not be very funny, we decided why not further exploit the political absurdity, if only in hopes of making you laugh. We hope you enjoy today's bite of political satire.

Created by:
Eytan Millstone
Jay Wells L'Ecuyer
Dan Bricker
Tim Dorsch

Original Music by Caitlin Cook

Director: Dan Bricker
Cinematographer: George Alvarez
Sound Mixer: Wesley Grant
Editor: Eytan Millstone

Jay Wells L’Ecuyer
Eytan Millstone
Nathan Macintosh

Written by: Peter Sandoval, Melvin Yellow, NECRO 69, first last, BRU_ 1296, evilClive21, SLAY SKOOL, Political Foolishness, Melvin S, T K, angela williams, Joseph D Coles, ava !!, Wallart pops, Tony Simmons, Terri Baird, Ericka McDonald, Jess, Q9SR, Gil Solomon, Alex, Skills GD., Daniel Cortez, nInjAh flight tAktIks, Silver Axe, Michael Mueller, Darnisha Henderson, Kriz deep.

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